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A welcome from Humphrey

Hello there. My name is Humphrey and I’m the new therapy assistant at the Inchmarlo Retirement Community.

This blog will describe my life as I train for my new job. All of the experiences I have and the new friends that I make will be posted here, and you can drop in at any time to see how I’m getting on.

You can see the most recent updates if you scroll down the text on this front page. Alternatively, you can view the archive on the side of this page to see some of my older posts. 

However, if you want to start from the very beginning and get the whole story, you can view my first-ever blog post here.

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Sunny March visit

Well, we’re into March now and we went out to Inchmarlo again, once more it was a gorgeous day.  Daddy and I took a walk around Westfield and had a look at the terraced banking on the north side.   We looked at the thousands of plants that have been planted in the banking over the years and they are all doing very well.  It’s just gorgeous – but of course, the sun always shines at Inchmarlo!

Daddy went into the house and one of my favorite residents who had been in the hospital for a short spell asked how I was. Daddy told her that I was in the car and he would go and bring me in which he did and I spoke with her for quite a while and went around everyone else in the Red Drawing Room and the Picture Gallery and spoke to them all. We all had a lovely time.

I was with Daddy and Julie in her office when I heard Daddy tell her that he had been to see one of our recently arrived Home Owners who told Daddy she was very happy at Inchmarlo.  Everyone had been extremely friendly and helpful to her while she settled in, isn’t that nice to hear!

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Looking Gorgous

Daddy and I have been back and forwards to Inchmarlo.  We were out there yesterday – 23 January –  and while there was a cold nip in the air the sunshine on Inchmarlo house and the various other neighborhoods made everything look just gorgeous. As usual I went into the house and was taken round and spoke to all my friends.  After I did my social interaction with my friends Daddy and I walked down to the sales office, spoke to Dawn and walked round Prince Albert Way through Queen Victoria Park and then back up to the main house.

Two or three Home Owners stopped me and said “Oh this is Humphrey, I have seen your blog” and we had a lovely chat and then met another couple from Queen Victoria Park where one of them had what I would call a Zimmer on wheels. Again, we had a nice chat and they said how handsome I was – naturally. But I’m used to that!

You may remember that my photograph was taken up in the show house with Julie and young Kieron, well it just shows you what a fantastic sales person I am in that this week two additional houses in Pinecrest have been reserved!

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Stubborn Bulldog

Well I’ve had a very busy Christmas and New Year.  I’ve been out to Inchmarlo numerous times, and wished the residents a Happy New Year. I’ve also been down to Duthie Park, the beach and to Hazlehead Park.  I’ve met 3 other bulldogs and my goodness, they are handsome beasts!

Last week Mummy and I walked through the Den and met one of our neighbours with two dogs, one was a beagle type dog with enormous ears which must get very messy when drinking water or eating sloppy food!  My goodness, he was very aggressive to me and I can only assume he was jealous of my sleek good looks!

We met a young bulldog in Duthie Park recently and he was doing the same thing that I started doing about 6 months ago, that is if I don’t want to go somewhere, I put my two front legs out in front of me and just go rigid!  Daddy has said that neither of his 2 previous bulldogs acted like that, but the bulldog in Duthie Park did exactly that and his owner told us he was under a year old, so this must be something bred into my breed.

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo on Tuesday and I got out of the car and made for the main house to speak to my friends.  Daddy wanted to go and visit a new Home Owner who had just moved into one of the new houses at Pinecrest, but I simply put my feet forward and wouldn’t move.  Daddy knew he had been beaten so he turned around we and went into Inchmarlo House and I saw all my friends.

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The New Show House

Well the show house is now finished, so I decided to do my usual inspection and I went up with Julie and her daughter, Kieran, and my goodness was it spacious! The local builder, Frank Burnett, has done a first-class job and I’m absolutely positive that the homeowners who are either in already, or are about to move in, will be very happy with the finished result.

These houses are slightly different from previous ones in that there is a third room which can either be used as a study, or alternatively as a single bedroom.

You’ll notice there is something funny about my feet. It’s not that I am ill or anything, or that they’ve expanded, but when people visit the show house with the new carpets, we try to keep them as clean as possible and allocate these plastic bootees, so I insisted that I too should wear them, so I could show that I do my best to fit in with everybody else.



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My New Friend Tara

I’ve been out at Inchmarlo a few times recently and the last time I was out, there was a very young girl called Tara in the reception area with her mother and her grandparents who they were visiting. I, as I always do, went up to say hello and she drew back very quickly, obviously nervous about me. We were told by her Mummy that in due course she would like a dog and I thought she must get over her fear of animals if she wants her own doggy. So, off I went speaking to other people in reception. I went all the way through to the Picture Gallery and the Red Drawing Room speaking to many people, afterward, I came back and went up to Tara, this time she didn’t look nervous. After a little while, she took the initiative and we became friendly, so I think I did a good deed by helping her get over her fear of dogs. I regret that I didn’t ask Daddy to take a photograph of the two of us together – one very young girl and one very handsome bulldog!

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Fine Dining Club Christmas Dinner

Daddy collected a carry-out for me from Inchmarlo. Earlier this week a group of Home Owners, The Fine Dining Club, had their annual Christmas Dinner. The Fine Dining Club has been operating for a number of years, organised entirely by the Home Owners who take it in turns to Chair the dinners, select the menu and the wines. Naturally, I cannot attend because I’m not allowed in rooms when people are eating – which I understand – a little – because back at home I sit with Mummy and Daddy the children and grandchildren when they are eating with no problems what so ever. However, Head Chef Colin is very, very kind to me and while I cannot be present I do get to sample some of the left-overs. The Menu this time, selected by the Home Owner chairing the dinner was:

Vegetable Terrine with Smoked Salmon and Champagne Sauce.

Seasonal Game Casserole with Port and Red wine

Pheasant, Quail, Mallard Ravioli and with Venison Sausages, served with Game Chips

Followed by Apricot Frangipane Tart, Chocolate Mousse and Pistachio Pudding.

By jove, that sounds attractive! Now the only bits, you understand, that I would fancy are the Pheasant, the Quail and the Venison sausages, so Head Chef Colin very kindly gave Daddy a carry-out which he took home, and I have sampled most of it. As somebody called Colonel Sanders used to say it was “Finger Licking Good”.

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Humphrey’s Autumn Blog

This is one of my favourite times of year and the reason for it is that so many of the trees change the colour of their leaves to match my colour, isn’t that nice?  This week I persuaded Daddy to take me out to Inchmarlo and after speaking to the residents in Inchmarlo House, we walked up the main garden where Daddy photographed many of the trees in their autumnal colours – or should I say Humphrey colours and they looked spectacular in the gorgeous sunshine.

Apparently, two of our Home Owners have their Grandchildren staying with them and they’ve gone about putting “eyes” on some of the bushes.  I must tell you that I found them somewhat disconcerting. It looked to me as though there was a very big animal peeking through the trees at me.  I hadn’t seen this before and I’m not absolutely sure that I would like to see it again!

Other than that, quite a number of Home Owners who were walking through the Alpine Garden, who came up and spoke to me. Four of them said they hadn’t met me before but had read my blog on a number of occasions.  Isn’t it nice to be famous?p1090836dsc_3711

The whole of Inchmarlo  Estate was stunning!  The next day I persuaded Daddy to go back  and take some more photographs with his best camera, oh wasn’t it sheer joy walking around with Home Owners coming to speak to me while looking at the trees.  We dogs like trees very much!  There were however some funny things moving about in the parkland in front of the main house which I’m told are called “sheep”. They are much bigger than me and have a very funny coat. Whenever I go near them they stare at me making me feel somewhat uncomfortable because I can’t get close to them and they never come close to me. However walking along the top row in Westfield I came across this Home Owner who had a cat which I don’t see very often, it started walking towards me – obviously a very courageous cat!  When I started to move closer to it, it ran away, maybe in the future we can become friends.



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