About Humphrey

Bulldog puppy, Humphrey


Humphrey is a loveable, huggable bulldog puppy.

He is also the new Therapy Pet for the tight-knit residents in a special Scottish community.

Here you can follow his diary as the pedigree pup finds his place at Inchmarlo Care Home and Retirement Village, where he will play an important part in the daily life.


8 Responses to About Humphrey

  1. panicmonster says:

    what an adorable little guy!
    I just saw your website on CP24 (cable news channel) in Toronto, Canada.

    Best of luck on your adventures Humphrey xoxox


    • Humphrey The Dog says:

      Canada, eh?
      Who’d have thought a little guy like me would make a splash in the Big Country?
      All these messages are really giving me paws for thought.

  2. Shona says:

    Hello Humphrey,

    Have just discovered your blog and love it! I had my first ever visit to your beautiful Inchmarlo Retirement Village yesterday during a day out to Banchory and Deeside with my friend Bob. I live in Stonehaven with another long term friend, Brian, who is also my carer (I have Cerebral Palsy) and Bob lives across the street from us and has been a good friend since we moved here. He has been taking us out for the afternoon when the weather’s good, to various places around and about the areas we stay. He knows we like to take photographs of our trips away and wanted to show us the village for it’s picturesque beauty. It really is almost magical in it’s wonderful setting.

    Since then I thought I’d like to find out a bit more about it and came across their website, a few videos and your sweet little blog. I have to say the inside of the main Inchmarlo House and Care Home, look absolutely splendid and so luxurious. I saw your appearance on STV news as well as one or two other ones. You were a real star, TV suits you, hee! What residents I saw of the village look like very nice people too.

    You are very cute you know and so well behaved. I have read some of your blog entries but would like to read them all from the beginning to follow your journey. I’d also like to subscribe to you. I think doggies like you are fantastic and do so much to improve your peep’s quality of life. I’m not sure how many there are do your job, but I did come across a darling little pomeranian that visited military veterans and helped them in the same way you help your friends at Inchmarlo and I see from the comment above you’re even known of in Canada!

    I’m so glad I found you and just wanted to let you know I think you’re doing a wonderful, invaluable job and I just love your Inchmarlo Village as well as letting you know a bit about me and how I heard about you. A big thank you to you and your Daddy for all you do *bends down and hugs you* xXx

  3. Paul Anderson says:

    We too have a bullie called Humphrey, he will be 3 in August.

    Our Hump’y is red & white in colour and a big boy, a barrel chested-broad shouldered big jessie who is amusingly scared of more things than I care to mention.

    Love your blog.

  4. Melanie King says:

    Hope you’re over your bout of colitis and not peeing and pooing all over the place now. Like panicmonster, I’m from Canada – about 3-4 hours east of Toronto.
    I found your blog via the BBC News website.
    I’ll continue to drop by periodically and see what’s new with you and the nice folks at the Inchmarlo Retirement Village.

  5. Carol says:

    Hello Humphrey,

    Might you have any relatives in Houston, Texas in the USA ?

  6. Ellareid says:

    I am from keig who won the garden competition

    Hugs and kisses💋

  7. Hi Humphrey,
    It was lovely to meet you this afternoon at Aberdeen beach. Rudi our mini schnauzer has been enjoying looking at your blog, and said I should share this blog with you. It is about a mini schnauzer called Atticus and his owner, Tom who walks peaks in New Hampshire to raise money for charity summer and winter. I have already contacted them to tell them about your blog. Tell your mummy and daddy that they must buy the book “Following Atticus” to read to you. It is GREAT. A lovely bedtime story book.

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