My not so restful night!

There is a famous saying “O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!” by Robert Burns. One night recently I had a panic in my breast, why I don’t know, but when Daddy put me to bed and he went upstairs to his bedroom, I started barking and barking and barking. Daddy came back down, let me go outside to relieve myself and when I came back in he spoke to me, told me to calm down, then he went back upstairs to bed. I just couldn’t calm down, so I started barking all over again. Eventually, daddy came back downstairs, let me out again, tried to calm me down and then he went back upstairs, but still I continued barking. This time Daddy came down and took me through to the study where I went onto my beanbag and immediately started snoring. Daddy sat down on his Parker Knoll recliner and stayed beside me while I snored. Then after an hour or so, he took me through to my basket in the kitchen, patted me until I was calm again, then went back upstairs to his bed. Both of us ended up having a very disturbed night, and it was my fault because I could not articulate my concerns.

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