Chatting with the Residents

Oh it was a lovely day when we arrived out at Inchmarlo today. Whilst daddy went in to have lunch with Julie, I stayed in the car, which was fine by me since I had a good sleep. Daddy later told me that when he walked into the bar there was a Resident with her grandson and granddaughter dining with her, and the first thing the granddaughter said to daddy was – they’d never met before – “Have you got Humphrey with you, and can I see him?” So he told her that he wouldn’t take me into the bar whilst they were eating, but would do so later. After he finished his lunch, he came out, collected me, took me in and I went up and spoke to them and they were very, very pleased to see me – but of course who wouldn’t be!

We had a very nice chat and I spoke to all three of them, then daddy and I went for a short walk around part of Westfield and down to the Heronry and then back to Inchmarlo House and I went in and spoke to the residents in the Red Drawing Room. Since daddy had a meeting with a number of the Home Owners, I went back into the car and caught up on my snoozing after such an exciting visit. Oh wasn’t it a lovely day!

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One Response to Chatting with the Residents

  1. iancaisteal says:

    Good to have meet Charles Skene today in Skene house Rosemount. A very interesting gentleman who restored my faith in humanity that an entrepreneur has such regard for employees.
    Success based on decent values and nurtured talent to bring out the best in employees.
    It was not my experience for large part of my career.

    Grateful for time spent with him.
    Kind regards
    Ian McCubbin

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