Strawberry Tea

Well, I wasn’t invited to the 30th Anniversary Dinner, but I was invited to the Strawberry Tea which Daddy hosted on behalf of the Conservative Party. Again I’m not allowed in when people are eating so I sat on the outside watching to see what was happening and it would seem that as the saying goes, “A jolly good time was had by everyone”.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day – but it always is at Inchmarlo!  It was chaired by Tom Mason and the speakers included Alexander Burnett, elected MSP for West Aberdeenshire and other prominent Conservative Party Politicians including Alex Johnstone, Ross Thomson, Liam Kerr and Peter Chapman. When they arrived, the guests were offered transport up to the top of the garden so they could walk down looking at and admiring some of the tallest trees of their type in Britain and the rainbow garden before coming in for afternoon tea and a jolly good chat. Daddy welcomed everybody and then handed it over to Tom Mason and the key Conservative Politicians to speak.

In conclusion Daddy said that we had recently conducted a survey amongst existing home owners living at Inchmarlo and copies were available from the reception desk. If those reading this blog would like a copy, please contact me – Humphrey at the Inchmarlo website saying you would like a copy of the publication and I will arrange to have it sent to you.

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