Sorry, it’s been a while!

I have been remiss. I apologise. I haven’t kept my blog up to date for some little time now, but that does not mean I haven’t been working at Inchmarlo. I’m out there at least twice a week, and when I go out there I go in and speak to the Residents in the Care Home and it is absolutely delightful for me to see the way in which I am welcomed by old and new friends. In fact, one Resident who spends quite some time in the Reception area, always asks Daddy if I am with him when he goes out on his own.

The weather has been very mixed. Where we have completely avoided the heavy snow they have experienced in other parts of Scotland, we’ve also had some absolutely gorgeous days of sunshine and I have enjoyed walking around the neighbourhoods, including our next neighbourhood of Pinecrest which has started building. I’ve been unable to get into the houses to supervise it because a lot of the floors are not complete and Daddy doesn’t want me to stand on any tacks or nails that might be lying around.  So here I am having my first inspection, albeit from outside.  The layout of the houses are almost the same as those at Prince Albert Way, except at my suggestion, the study has been made larger so it can be a third bedroom or a nice room for a pet like me.


Keeping a close eye on the work so far.

On Saturday Mummy, Daddy and I went down to the beach in Aberdeen and by goodness, it was absolutely perishing – beautiful sunshine but freezing and Daddy said it felt like being on top of the mountains in St Moritz! But what an interesting day, we were walking along the boulevard and came across a couple with a Bulldog called Raymond, so he and I had a good sniff of each other. He was much younger than me, but like me delightful to meet! I love the beach because there are so many people walking their dogs and I go and speak to them, and also young children on little scooters and they either come over and smile when they see me or, alternatively, go and run behind their Mummy or Daddy.

On Sunday we went to Hazelhead Park, it was another gorgeous day and lo and behold, as we were walking around we came across another Bulldog called Vinny. Mummy took a photograph of the two of us together and he barked at me a couple of times which was very unusual for a Bulldog. Maybe he was having a bad hair day which we all have sometimes!

That's Vinny on the left.

That’s Vinny on the left.

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