Hamish’s 18th Birthday Celebrations!

My goodness, I’ve been traveling all over Scotland. Hamish is now 18, so on Sunday, Mummy, Daddy Richard and I drove down to Gleneagles for a celebratory family lunch in the Dormy House. I wasn’t allowed into the dining room of course, but after everybody had a very convivial lunch, Daddy and I went for a walk around one of the ponds at Gleneagles and he took my photograph – isn’t it a beautiful view and isn’t my presence enhancing it?

Enjoying the view!

Enjoying the view!

What was terribly exciting, (and I’m jolly sure there are very, very few other dogs in Britain who have experienced this event), Graeme had arranged for Neil Thomson to make an unannounced appearance at the lunch to draw caricatures of both Hamish and Cameron.P1080421 When this was being done, Daddy suggested to Mr Thomson that perhaps he could do my caricature. So I was taken into the entrance hallway of the Dormy House, and sat down beside Daddy and Mr Thomson started to draw me using a thick felt pen and very, very accurate strokes. There were lots and lots of people walking back and forwards into the restaurant and the various shops, and of course, I wanted to look at everybody since everybody was looking at me and saying, goodness gracious me, isn’t that a handsome dog – but I’m used to that sort of comment! So poor Mr Thomson had to move back and forwards in order to get my face looking straight at him. When it was completed, everyone said it was very nice and made me look pleasant, concerned, serious and magisterial – as indeed I am! I hope you like Hamish, Cameron and my caricatures – can you tell who’s who?P1080433 P1080432

What a handsome chap!

What a handsome chap!

Daddy is going to hang my one in the entrance hall at Inchmarlo House, right next to the portrait that was painted of me by former resident Albert Pirie. Isn’t that exciting?

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