My visit to the Vet!

I’ve just been out to Ardene Vets at Westhill. Daddy took me out because he was concerned about my hind legs. For a long time now, I have had great difficulty in getting up steps especially if they’re shiny and slippery, so it was decided to ask Ardene to check them. The lady vet did so and she diagnosed me as suffering from luxating patella, or to put it in terms that non-bulldog people can understand, my hind leg kneecaps pop out!

I heard the vet say to Daddy that if I was in pain then one alternative would be to do an operation, or simply just leave them. Daddy’s viewpoint was he did not want to put me through an anaesthetic and all the various problems of an operation if I don’t seem to be in pain most of the time, and I’m not. So at least I now know why I have difficulty climbing stairs!

Making my life easier

Making my life easier

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