My Summer Holiday Update!

Well, I have been away my holidays again, staying with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron, and I had a good time as usual. Daddy and Mummy were away on a Baltic cruise and from what I hear them telling people, the warmest 2 days they had were in London!

Since they have come back I have been back working again. Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo and walked all round Westfield inspecting the banking, and we noticed a couple of the plants needed to be cut back and replaced. Around Westfield, one of the Home Owners came out to speak to Daddy and we had a good chat. As I always do, I circled her a few times and she got tangled up in my lead! We continued back up to Inchmarlo House, where a number of Home Owners were playing croquet on the lawn, and I had a good chat to all of them, and had the same problem tangling them up with my lead, but everybody found this quite humorous and so it was a pleasant time.

Inside Inchmarlo House, when the residents had finished their morning coffee, I went up and spoke to quite a lot of them, and they were all very, very pleased to see me because I bring a smile to their face, it’s just my nature and good looks! I heard Daddy speak to one of the Inchmarlo staff, who asked him about his visit to St. Petersburg, and he said it was very nice, but during the Second World War in St. Petersburg, then called Leningrad, the fighting was so severe that the inhabitants of the city were eating dogs, cats and vermin. Oh, I would not have liked to have been an English bulldog in St. Petersburg during the siege!

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