Some of the beautiful plants and flowers in the Rainbow Garden


I had a tour of the new development in Prince Albert Way, and all visitors at this point had to wear overshoe plastic covers and I was no exception to the rule. I must say I found it somewhat difficult walking about in them.

DSC_3289This is a photograph of Gunnera which is a South American plant and is somewhat unusual.

DSC_3287 The gardens were looking lovely although it was not a particularly bright sunny day.


Visitors walking in the Rainbow Garden

People walking in the Rainbow Garden.

DSC_3271DSC_3276DSC_3274DSC_3275DSC_3266DSC_3261DSC_3262DSC_3250DSC_3247 DSC_3228Here I am helping on the plant stall which was manned by Bill, one of our Home Owners.

DSC_2777 Here is a view of Westfield over the Heronry

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