Special Birthdays

I was out at Inchmarlo helping to celebrate the birthdays of Mrs H, who has recently celebrated her 106th birthday, Mrs F, who turns 100 next month and Mrs W who turned 99 in January. Mrs F lived on the Inchmarlo Estate with her husband for 12 years and after his death in 2010 moved into the Care Home at the grand old age of 95.   Mrs F used to be a Dog Trainer, so I always made a point of going up and speaking to her and she loved patting me.

Daddy arranged with Head Chef, Colin, to make a big white cake with the combined ages of 304 on top.

The Beautiful Cake

The Beautiful Cake

The Deputy Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire, Mr Colin Champion, who lives within Inchmarlo, was present to celebrate Mrs H’s birthday and to hand her a card from HM the Queen, and to congratulate the other two ladies. It was a lovely day. By the way, that’s me in the front.

Birthday girls

Birthday girls

The only slight flaw in the day, no-one said anything to me because this month, it’s my birthday too…… and I’m 5! Never mind, my job is to try to cheer up the Residents in Inchmarlo House and the Home Owners on the Estate, and bring back memories of when they too might have loved their own pets.

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