Being Friendly

April is a very exciting month.  I’ve had lots of walks with Mummy and Daddy and with Mummy on her own, down at the beach.  It’s remarkable the number of people who come up and speak to me, particularly little kids who look at me with a slight apprehension in their faces, but when I speak to them they lose all sense of fear, pat me and I reciprocate in my own way. 

Another one of my favourite places to walk is the Duthie Park in Aberdeen.  During one of these walks I met Hampton, another beautiful Bulldog, aren’t we both handsome!

Handsome boys

Handsome boys

One of Daddy’s managers has a French bulldog called Odin, and when we went up to Hazlehead, there had been a group of dogs meeting together and Odin was one of them. We had a wonderful sniff of each other and he is, to a certain extent, a miniature of me but not nearly so good looking.  For example, one of his ears is four times the size of mine and flops down, and the other one sticks up in the air, which gives him a slightly lop sided appearance.  But he was very, very sweet.

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