Another holiday!


Well I’ve had another holiday – yes I know, I get a lot of holidays but I’ve been down with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron in Edinburgh.  I had a wonderful time as ever and as you will see from this very short video of me, I was kept very, very busy!

A famous American President said something like “read my lips” and then proceeded to make a political statement which he had to reverse later.  However, if you listen very carefully and watch my lips, you will see how I spent a great deal of my day! 

The first Sunday I was back in Aberdeen, Mummy, Daddy and I went down to the beach in the afternoon and walked along the promenade, it was an absolutely gorgeous day and what was fascinating was we came across two French bulldogs called Paris and Louis.  We spoke to their Mummy and Daddy and they told us that they used to have two English bulldogs called Winston and Winnie.  So the three of us had a sniff of each other and of course they are like a miniature me except that they have huge ears that stick up in the air!  The owners told Mummy and Daddy that French bull dogs were originally bred from an English bulldog and another dog which would probably explain why they are so beautiful – except for the ears! 

As you may remember I like to go up and sleep with the boys but unfortunately my snoring has got so loud that I keep them awake so on this holiday I slept on the sofa which is very, very comfortable.  Not as good as me sleeping on Hamish or Cameron’s bed but – c’est la vie – as they say in French.

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