Did you know I can talk?

Everybody knows that we dogs can speak. It’s usually the case that most adults can’t understand the actual words we say, but many owners understand the tone of our barking or crying. For example, when I want to get one of my favourite toys out of the basket in the study, I will go and stand over it and wait. If Mummy or Daddy pay no attention to me then I will bark once to draw their attention – or maybe twice. These barks are rather peremptory but if still nothing happens, then I will try a whine – a sort of “please help me”.

Well I was down staying with Jennifer and the boys a short time ago and Hamish was very clever and caught me actually speaking in words that even an adult could understand and he managed to video me doing it. I had heard somebody come into the house and I wondered if it was Daddy. Since I was with Hamish, I was asking “was that Charles?”. Watch the video and you will see just how clear I was.

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