Peanut butter and portraits!

Daddy and I have been so busy with the new developments taking place at Inchmarlo and elsewhere, nevertheless, I’ve managed to go out and visit my friends in the House and the last time I was there, Daddy took with him one of my favourite toys, a chewy toy with a hollow centre into which he puts peanut butter.  Now I must tell you, I absolutely adore peanut butter and whenever I smell it I get very excited.  I didn’t know he had it until he opened the sealed bag and put it on the floor and I immediately pounced on it and chewed it and licked it all over.  When I temporarily stopped, Daddy picked it up, re-sealed it, and I left the Residents to a round of applause.

Another immensely exciting event is I’ve had my portrait painted. One of the major charitable events took place recently in Aberdeen whereby a whole series of dolphins were placed in important parts of the city, each one painted by a different artist and then they were sold at a charity auction.  One of them was sold for well over £50,000!  What’s even more exciting is that the artist who painted it – Gordon E Henry – an old friend of Daddy’s – painted my portrait.  I know Daddy couldn’t possibly bear to sell my portrait but I wonder if it would also go for £50,000.

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