An exciting and busy summer!

My goodness, it’s been a busy and exciting summer.  Pamela, Charlie and Oscar were up again for two weeks and literally, I was rushed off my feet.  Oscar in particular’s first comment when he arrived was, “where’s Humphrey?” and every day he wants to know where I am all day long.  Before he goes to bed he wants to give me a goodnight kiss.

 Oscar likes to share everything with me, including my bed!

Oscar and me!

Oscar and me!

You know how it is that prominent and important people get their portraits painted from H.M. the Queen downwards.  Well I’ve joined that exclusive circle.  Well-known local artist Gordon E Henry volunteered to Daddy that he would paint my portrait, which he did, and he, his wife Betty and grandchildren came round for the presentation.  His three grandchildren had seen me before when I was a very small puppy, so we were delighted to see each other again.  Gordon has recently been in the news for being one of the local artists selected to paint the dolphins and here is the portrait that he painted of me looking very business-like as I am in my role as Therapet.  Mind you, when I go around and speak to the Residents of the House I am, of course, not like this, I am extremely friendly and go up and speak to everybody and we all have a very good time.  But don’t I look good!

Don't I look grand!

Don’t I look grand!



Gordon E Henry and Me

Gordon E Henry and Me







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