What a fun filled week!

Mummy took me down to the beach on Friday and, believe it or not, we came across TWO bulldogs. They were called Squire, 10 months, and Vegas, aged 4, and we sniffed each other all over. Apparently there are quite a number of bulldogs in the Aberdeen area and they go for bulldog walks along the sands at Balmedie. I just can’t wait to get out there and meet more.

Making new friends at the beach.

Making new friends at the beach.

It was Daddy’s birthday recently. He got a number of cards from different people. Mummy and I surpassed his wildest dreams with a painting approximately 4ftx2ft of a beautiful looking bulldog sitting in front of a Union Jack. Here’s me inspecting it; isn’t it fantastic!

Admiring Daddy's birthday present

Admiring Daddy’s birthday present

On Sunday we went out for lunch with Daddy and Mummy’s friends at Aboyne. Years and years ago they used to have boxers and one of them was called Pumphrey ie Humphrey with a “p”. They currently have two Labradors called Patsy, aged 13, and Berry, aged 2. We all rushed about in the garden for a little while, sniffing each other before we went into the house. Mind you, it would only be fair to say that the younger dog, Berry, rushed about an awful lot more than I did. Patsy, who was much older than me, didn’t rush about either! In the lounge we sniffed each other and played and I got absolutely exhausted. Eventually Berry and I lay down in front of the fireplace. It was a super day and I enjoyed myself very much.

Berry and I lying by the fire

Berry and I lying by the fire

Afterwards we were going to go in past to see Mummy and Daddy’s friend’s French bulldog, and just as we drove out into the road there was Jessie with her Daddy. So we stopped along the road and we had a tremendously good sniff of each other and got on fine. My goodness was Jessie energetic! She’s only a few months old. I can tell you I’d be absolutely rushed off my feet if we were together for any length of time.

What a super week it’s been: Daddy’s birthday, and me meeting other dogs, including two bulldogs; one English and one French. Just awesome, as they say in the USA! It was so good it could’ve been my birthday, not

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