Oh what a glorious Easter!

Oh what a glorious Easter!

On Saturday Mummy and Daddy took me to the beach and we walked along the promenade in the spring sunshine and I spoke to a number of dogs, children and adults and it was very enjoyable.

On Sunday we went to Hazlehead Park and it was charming. Lots and lots of families with children running everywhere, all looking for Easter Eggs which had been hidden around the park. Lots of dogs came up and we had a good sniff of each other. Outside the café a young man came up to me and told Mummy and Daddy that he had two Bulldogs, a Mummy and Daddy. Think of that, twice the pleasure!

On Monday Daddy took me out to Inchmarlo and it looked beautiful in the sunshine.

Springtime at Inchmarlo House

Springtime at Inchmarlo House

I went into the Red Drawing Room and spoke to a number of residents. We then walked to the new Sensory Garden and spoke to two ladies sitting there.P1050624 We then walked all around Westfield and there were lots of Home Owners sitting outside in the gorgeous sunshine and neighbours chatting to each other.P1050635P1050634P1050630P1050629

Daddy took a lot of photographs because the grounds looked so stunning.

When we went round Queen Victoria Park I saw two ladies sitting together in the sun so we went up and spoke to them. The Home Owner, who had only been at Inchmarlo for 3 months, had her sister visiting her from Perthshire. Daddy introduced me to them and it turned out Daddy knew both their brother and also their brother-in-law. It’s a small world isn’t it?P1050651P1050648P1050649

I just want you to see some of the photographs of the daffodils and the trees as it was just so beautiful.P1050638P1050640P1050656P1050641

Hope to see some of you on the Garden Open Day on 8 June. I will be walking around and seeing that everything is all correct as usual.


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