Happy Birthday

What an exciting day, I am 4 years old!  How time passes quickly especially when people say that one day in a dog’s life is equal to 7 days in my Daddy and Mummy’s lives.  I got a wonderful new bed for the back of the car, and here is me sitting on it.

My Birthday Present

My Birthday Present

The last one I had been using since I was knee high to a grasshopper and was now far too small.  Mummy and Daddy went down to Pets At Home and purchased this lovely luxurious one, and it’s going to be much more comfortable for me, when I am travelling or sleeping (as usual) in the back of the Citroen.  I also got another toy – yes I know another one – which I can chew to my heart’s content and which rattles whenever I move it.  Aren’t I a lucky dog!

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One Response to Happy Birthday

  1. Shona McCracken says:

    Happy Birthday Humphrey – lots of love Rudi the mini schnauzer xx

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