It is tremendously good for my ego when we go to Hazlehead or the beach, due to the number of people who come up to speak to me and say things like how beautiful, adorable, very friendly and lovely I am.  It would make the average dog big headed.  However, physically I have a very big head anyway so it really doesn’t make any difference but I can tell you it’s very nice to hear.

I saw Daddy show Mummy a photograph in the Daily Mail of 27/03/14.  This was of an extraordinarily beautiful white bulldog and the owner was saying that whenever she mentions to Angus that they were going for a walk he runs away and hides.  Now I don’t run away and hide, but whenever I hear the words “walkies” or “Humphrey we’re going for a walk”, I actually switch off my hearing – which is usually very acute – and pretend I’m still asleep and keep on snoring, even though I am wide awake.  Eventually, Daddy will half lift me out of my beanbag, put my front legs into my harness, secure the harness on me and even then I’m extremely reluctant to go outside the front door.  It is interesting that we English Bulldogs, who for many years have been a symbol of the British spirit and resolve, as epitomised by Sir Winston Churchill, are very similar, in that, we are homebodies, we do not like going outside for a walk.  Angus was featured because he weighs 4st 10lbs and according to the PDSA is “morbidly obese”.  The vet says my weight is satisfactory but my seasonal alopecia is coming back.  Oh dear!  I must say that when eventually I get to Hazlehead or the beach and particulary Inchmarlo I do enjoy going out and meeting people.  But in general, I prefer my beanbag and the company of my family.

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