Pleasant Visits

On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Mummy, Daddy and I go down to the beach for a walk along the beach front.  Recently it has been terribly windy and when we were there last Sunday, the beach was completely deserted.  If the weather is warm enough we walk back to the Sanddollar and sit and have something to drink.  Mummy has a cappuccino, Daddy has a hot chocolate and I get only a bowl of cold water – life is unfair sometimes.  This last Saturday, instead of going to the beach we went to Hazlehead and it was wonderful because the place was packed full of people walking dogs of all types and we went up and spoke to each other.  Everybody was very friendly, including their owners.

Last week a Care Inspector came to Inchmarlo and Daddy and I went out in the afternoon to get the briefing comments.  I heard Daddy telling Mummy the comments were extremely flattering and when the meeting was about finished the Inspector said “I have been so looking forward to meeting Humphrey, I have been following his blog”.  Daddy said “he’s in the car”, so he came out and took me into the reception just as a whole lot of residents were going in for their evening meal.  I do not lie when I say they were very pleased to see me.  I spoke to them all and then to the Inspector.  It really was a very pleasant visit.

After that Daddy and I walked all round Westfield looking at the garden plants and just seeing everything was hunky dory.

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