Oh, I have been remiss.

Oh I have been remiss.  I haven’t asked Daddy to write my blog for some considerable time, so please accept my apologies.  My only excuse is that I have been incredibly busy before and after Christmas.  This included going down to Gleneagles for Christmas Lunch and after lunch, going for a walk with Graeme and the boys all around Gleneagles.  It was a beautiful day.

Then I spent a week in Edinburgh where I had a wonderful time as usual.  I did my usual thing and waited until Hamish and Cameron went to bed and then I went up and slept on one of their beds. I alternate the beds I choose because I am positive that they would be lonely without me.

I have done my usual duties going out to Inchmarlo walking with Daddy around the Estate speaking to Home Owners and residents in the care home.  One resident is well over 100 years old and still likes patting me and speaking to me.

The weather this past week has been extremely windy and when I am taken down for a walk along the beach promenade the sea roars in and the noise frightens me!  We were down there on Sunday 9 February and a lady with a very young child and a dog came up and spoke to us. The lady said her daughter, who lives down south, has 2 bull dogs!  Double the happiness experienced by my Mummy and Daddy.

Not only have I been down staying with Hamish and Cameron in Edinburgh but Charlie and Oscar have been staying with me in Aberdeen.  As you will understand there isn’t a minute of peace as one or the other is constantly running up and down stairs and through to the conservatory and back again.  I am rushed off my feet keeping an eye on them.  For example Charlie likes playing games, so of course I had to supervise the playing and since I’ve got a very big head – from the weight point of view not from a high opinion of myself – naturally I went and laid my head on the table to rest it while I was doing the supervision.

I love playing games

I love playing games

I love sleeping in my bean bags and Oscar came along and kept me company. As I told you, I like to go and sleep on Hamish and Cameron’s bed while I am in Edinburgh and Oscar likes to come and sleep on my bed when he’s in Aberdeen.  I don’t complain if Oscar snores!

Sharing my bed with Oscar

Sharing my bed with Oscar

If I allow Oscar to join me when I am on my bean bag in the study then I can’t really object when he goes and explores my bed in the kitchen.  I wanted to join him but there wasn’t very much room!

Oscar in my Bed

Oscar in my Bed

Any space for Me?

Any space for Me?

Well Charlie and Oscar have gone now so I’m back on my own relaxing in my bean bag without any interruptions.  I’m sure all grandparents will understand when I say it’s nice for the grandchildren to visit but it’s also nice when they go back home again and give me a little peace.

Peace and quiet - how lovely!

Peace and quiet – how lovely!

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