My new friend Rodney and me.

Oh what an exciting day Sunday was.  After my ears were blown all over the place down at the beach, Mummy and Daddy decided to take me to Hazlehead Park.  It was a gorgeous day.  The park was very busy and there walking in front of us, I spied the wonderful movement of the back quarters of a bulldog way up ahead.  We have a very distinctive walk, so Mummy, Daddy and I walked faster and eventually met up with a young couple and their beautiful bulldog.  His name was Rodney and he was seven months old. We sniffed all over each other and we all had a wonderful short time together then Mummy took a photograph of the two of us together.

Rodney and me

Rodney and me



Don’t we look wonderful?  You’ll notice that Rodney has got more protruding teeth than I have, but it just shows that we bulldogs are not all exactly the same and that there is a variety of facial expressions and features, just like humans.

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