Holiday Catch-up

Well I’ve been away on my holidays again.  I’ve been down in Edinburgh and I had a super time, especially in the evenings.  Back at home I sleep in my basket in the kitchen – admittedly next to the radiator – which is lovely and cosy.  When I’m in Edinburgh however, Jennifer used to leave me downstairs when Hamish and Cameron went up to their bedrooms, and I cried so much that Jennifer let me go upstairs, which has now become the norm.  I go up and sit on the floor and then as soon as possible jump up onto Cameron’s bed where I cuddle up at the bottom of the bed, and have a wonderful sleep.

My favourite day spot

My favourite day spot


People tell me I still snore loudly, but I don’t hear anything.  Sometimes Cameron gets up and goes through to his brother Hamish’s room apparently to get away from my snoring.  If I wake up and see that he’s not there I know he is going to be lonely, so I go and join them up on the bed in Hamish’s room.

My favourite night spot

My favourite night spot


When I came back to Aberdeen I was terribly excited, despite the fact that I enjoyed myself very much down in Edinburgh, I was delighted to get back home and see Mummy and Daddy.  Since I’ve been back I’ve been out to Inchmarlo a few times, walking round the estate with Daddy and meeting some of the Home Owners, who always come over and speak to me.  However, one very exciting thing happened.  Two new Home Owners have recently moved into Queen Victoria Park and their daughter, who lives in California met Daddy in Inchmarlo House, and she said to him that “I was hoping to meet Humphrey”. I am flattered that I am known in California and as soon as Daddy told me this I felt I just had to go out and see her and her parents.

On the Friday afternoon we went out and met Ann and she said I was absolutely lovely and she was thinking of getting a French Bulldog in America. I wondered what was wrong with getting an English Bulldog like me.  If Ann does not speak French how will they communicate?  I enjoyed meeting her parents who moved in to Queen Victoria Park about 6 months ago, and they told Daddy and I that they were settled in and very happy.  Here is a photograph with Ann and myself.

With my friend Ann

With my friend Ann

Unfortunately a few days ago I blotted my copy book.  When Daddy came down in the morning and opened the kitchen door, I sat in my basket looking straight ahead and not moving an eyelid.  Daddy knew immediately what had happened and he said “what have you done Humphrey”?  I still did not move but looked shame faced. What had happened was during the night I had done a poo beside the back door of the kitchen and Daddy had to go and clean it all up before Mummy came down.  I haven’t done this for a long time and I felt very embarrassed about it, but mistakes do happen to the best of people.

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