A fishy treat !

Daddy and I went out to Inchmarlo over the weekend, unfortunately it was raining, so I got terribly wet, but I still enjoyed my walk. Afterwards, we went in to the Care Home and immediately – because of my far superior sense of smell – I realised the Residents had had a meal with yellow fish.  The recipe was by Paul Bocuse, who was the premier chef in France for many years. Daddy said he would get me some left over pieces of yellow fish to take home. 

There were quite a number of Residents sitting in the reception area and I went up to speak to them all and after I spoke to everybody Daddy went into the kitchen to get the yellow fish, I could smell it even in the sealed container. He took a small piece out and he gave it to me in front of the Residents and they could see just how terribly excited I was, it was absolutely yummy and I had the remainder of it with my normal – boring – food at home the next day.

Just as we were about to leave, we met a Home Owner, who as usual, had been collected by a member of staff,  taken down to the bar to have lunch and was about to be taken back up to her home.  When she saw me she said, “Oh, you’ve made my day” – wasn’t that nice?

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