Daddy and I went out on Friday and did our usual walk around the estate, and my goodness was it hot!  When we went into the Sales Office to speak to Phyllis, she was there with a lady from Australia. Daddy started to introduce me to the lady, and she replied “I know all about Humphrey.  I’ve been reading his blog – in Australia!”  She was there looking to buy a Retirement Home at Inchmarlo.  It just proves that I have readers around the world!

Speaking of around the world, here is something terribly exciting.  There is a skateboarding Bulldog in Peru whom you can see getting onto a skateboard and going all over the place very quickly.  His name is Biuf from Lima and is definitely worth looking at.

Biuf has impressed so many people that his owner, Ivan Juscamaita, has opened a skateboarding school to teach other dogs to skateboard.  Isn’t that fantastic!  Biuf is so clever. He powers the board along with his paws and he uses his jaws to lift it on to the pavement.  It just shows you that our intelligence and physical ability are renowned throughout the world, otherwise why would a gentleman in Lima choose a Bulldog to be the first skateboarding dog in the world?

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