Press the “Paws” button


Well Well.  Richard has sent me a Press Release which was published on the tenth of July headed

“Press the paws button: lonely dogs get their own TV channel” How exciting.

When I am sitting in the study at night with mummy and daddy I often look at the television especially if there is a dog in the programme.  That might be because the television is geared for human beings and up till now little attractive for man’s best friend.  However in America a new breed of programming is bringing tail-wagging news for home-alone dogs, offering them their own television channel as an entertainment alternative to chasing the cat and chewing old slippers.

DogTV, a round the clock digital cable channel launched in the US, “offers a promise to our beloved best friends that they should never again feel alone and will turn any pining pup into a confident, happy dog” less likely to develop stress and separation anxiety.

“the dog approved programming content was created to entertain, relax and stimulate stay-at-home dogs, so owners don’t come home to ripped-up couches, shredded magazines or a favourite pair of heels chewed to bits”, said a statement from PTV Media.

And far from changing the likes of myself into a canine couch potato, which is what I am regularly accused of being,  DogTV will apparently “enrich our lives with mutt-friendly content that has been developed with help from pet experts and animal psychologists”.  The Humane Society of the United States has endorsed the launch, saying that “DogTV is definitely barking up the right tree”.

Wayne Pacelle, its President and Chief Executive said “it’s about creating a stimulating environment for them.”   The channel makes “no bones “ – I like that phrase.  Daddy and others will have to pay £6.75 per month for this if and when it is available in Britain.

At last our importance as man’s best friend is being recognised with our own TV channel.

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