A leisurely Sunday stroll along Aberdeen Beach

Well, Sunday was also an interesting day.  Daddy, Mummy and I went down to the Aberdeen beach for a walk.  I always enjoy this because lots of people come up to speak to me be it dogs, children or adults.  They all say what a handsome, friendly dog I am.  As we were crossing over to have a cup of tea in the Sanddollar, two very excited ladies came over and one of them told us that she had a Bull Dog and she also said how good looking, friendly and handsome I was!  I can understand how the heads of the famous film stars in Hollywood got bigger with all the praise regarding their looks. When we were leaving Daddy asked the lady if her Bull Dog snored and the answer was, yes definitely!!

After we had our cup of tea and were walking back to the car park, another couple came up to us and the man, who originally came from Invergordon but was now working for Baker Hughes in Houston, said that they had a Bull Dog back in Houston whose name was Bella. Apparently, he had bought Bella from England and Bella was sent on her own, all the way to Houston in a cage in the aeroplane.  She was very young and when she arrived in Houston she was somewhat discombobulated – I bet you didn’t think I knew a word like that.  However, she settled down and is getting on fine except she finds the heat on the very hot days very exhausting.  I heard Daddy asking if Bella snored, yet again the answer was yes!  He showed a photograph of Bella to Daddy and Mummy and I’m told she was very good looking.  But then again, we all are.

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