Sleepover with the Boys

I love company and because of this, when I’m on my holidays in Edinburgh, I choose to sleep in the same room as either Hamish or Cameron. So you can imagine how happy I was to find that as a last-night-treat Cameron had organised a sleepover with two of his friends, Ally and Charlie! We stayed up very late and the boys chatted and played on the PlayStation – goodness knows when they put the light out and went to sleep as I’d crashed ages before as it was way past my usual bedtime. I must have been really tired because when Jennifer came to wake me to get me ready for my trip home to Aberdeen today she found it really difficult to wake me up. But eventually she had to give up being subtle about it and she had to start shaking me awake – and in so doing woke up all the boys. This was actually quite nice because they got to say goodbye to me.
As an aside, I’ve been told before that I’m a terrible snorer and I even snore when I’m awake (not many adults can do that!) But, my goodness, Cameron’s friend Ally must be worse than me – what a racket he made! Luckily I got back to sleep and then Cameron and Charlie would have been serenaded by two snorers – poor things. Here’s a photo of me on my sleepover sharing the bottom of the bed with Charlie.

Me Sharing Charlie's Bed

Me Sharing Charlie’s Bed

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