Race For Life

I have been away on my holiday staying with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron and I have had a super time. Graeme takes me a walk at night round the village. We dogs are renowned for reading our owners minds but I regret to say Graeme and other members of my family cannot read mine. For example we bulldogs don’t really like walking very much so what I have been doing on this holiday in Edinburgh is since they can’t read my mind, half way round the walk I decide when enough is enough so I just sit down! They finally get the message that I have had enough of walking and running about that day and I want to go back to my holiday home.
I am very disappointed that I missed an exciting event that two of our Owners at Inchmarlo, Mrs Mair and Mrs Wilson took part in, Cancer Research’s “Race for Life” at Aberdeen Beach.
Ninety-year-old Mrs Carol Mair and her neighbour Mrs Muriel Wilson, whose combined age is 150, were two of the oldest participants in the 5K race.
We provided them with the pink T shirts and they set off. They both completed the run and raised around £2000. Well done to both ladies.

"Our 5k Ladies" Mrs Mair & Mrs Wislon

“Our 5k Ladies”
Mrs Wilson & Mrs Mair

I just wish I had been there to congratulate them on a super job and raising money for a worthwhile cause.

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