Holiday Time Again!

I’m away my holidays again with Jennifer and the boys in Edinburgh. I feel I deserve it because I’ve been very busy what with welcoming the pupils from Keig Primary School and also being on duty at the Garden Open Day.

I heard Jennifer phoning Daddy and he asked how I was getting on.  The journey to Edinburgh was fine and when we arrived at Jennifer’s house I, as usual, rushed into the house and looked into all the rooms on the ground floor – there was nobody there so I barked a few times and then I went upstairs  and went through all the rooms and there was nobody there either.  So I came down somewhat disappointed that the boys were not there to greet/welcome me.

Later, the boys arrived after football (I wish I’d been able to play with them as I’m great at tackling) so we had a wonderful reunion as always.

Jennifer told Daddy that on the first night when they had all gone to bed, I snoozed downstairs for a while and then, when I noticed that I was all alone, I went up and into Hamish’s room (who was brushing his teeth) and jumped on the bed and got the duvet cover exactly as I liked it.

Sond asleep

Sound asleep!


Hamish made room for himself and we all got to sleep.  After a while I started snoring and Hamish got up out of bed and went through to the spare bedroom because I’m told that my snoring is quite loud.  I woke up after a while to discover he was no longer in the bed beside me, so I got up and went to try to find him.  I eventually found where he was and went in and slept on the floor this time, beside him.  I had a very restful sleep although, I gather, Hamish did not.

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