Exciting Day

Oh I’ve had an exciting day.  Daddy took me out to Inchmarlo and I went through to the Red Drawing Room and greeted a number of Residents and saw a number of my old friends. One of the care home assistants took me out for a short break, a walk and then we went back in again.

I spoke to Mrs F and Mr Albert who were delighted as ever to see me.

With my friend Mr Albert

With my friend Mr Albert

Then I went up to Mr M, one of the Home Owners from Queen Victoria Park who was visiting the main house, and I greeted him because he and his wife are always very friendly towards me.

Mr M, another of my friends at Inchmarlo

Mr M, another of my friends at Inchmarlo

When I came back later Mr Albert had a portrait that he had painted of the two of us and had it framed.  I must say I looked as handsome as ever.   P1030852

You may remember that I was photographed outside our new neighbourhood of Eastpark and it was a nice sunny day.  The show house is now open so Daddy, Phyllis and I went up and I had a good sniff all over the house and it was very attractive.   It’s got two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms, a big lounge/dining room, a good sized kitchen and a garage.  Just as we were leaving two friends of Daddy’s came in to have a look so I greeted them as well.  After all it’s my job to greet everybody at Inchmarlo whether they are in the care home or living within one of the seven distinct neighbourhoods.      DSC_3039







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