Happy Harry!!

On Saturday morning Daddy showed me a photograph in the Press and Journal Photo Diary that said, “Happy Harry opens new offices” and Happy Harry is in fact not a politician, it is somebody much more important, a 6 month old Bulldog puppy.  He looked lovely.


On Saturday afternoon Daddy took me down to Aberdeen beach for a walk along the prom and the waves were so strong they were coming up onto the prom itself and the white spume on the top of the waves with the sun hitting it looked absolutely gorgeous.  I had a super time walking in one of my favourite areas.  On the way back we passed Harry and Harry’s owner walking along Holburn Road.  Daddy stopped the car, went out, spoke to the owner and both of us were taken out of our respective cars and we had a wonderful sniff of each other on the pavement.  What a handsome young man he is, but of course, he is a Bulldog!

Daddy asked Harry’s owner if he liked going for walks and the answer he got was very interesting, “Harry doesn’t really like leaving the house.”  Well, I’m the same.  I like walking in Inchmarlo and speaking to my friends around the Estate, I like walking along the beach promenade and I like walking within the Den but generally speaking that’s it.  Whereas my two predecessors Ollie and Jamie loved going for a ride in the car and as soon as they heard the car keys being tinkled they would rush through.  I’m exactly the opposite, I’m much more relaxed. I have to be cajoled into going towards the car and I have to be lifted up.  We’re all slightly different but Harry and I have one similarity – we both prefer living in our own homes with our own Mummy and Daddy.

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