Holiday in Edinburgh

Well, I’ve been away on holiday again.  Daddy and Mummy were away, so I’ve been staying with Jennifer, Graeme, Hamish and Cameron in Edinburgh. What a super time I had!  What is very exciting is that my fame has travelled all the way to Athens!

Daddy and Mummy were staying at the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens.  They were in the Breakfast Room on the top floor overlooking the Acropolis. As Daddy walked past a couple, the lady smiled at him and said “HOW’S HUMPHREY?”  See I told you, I’m now known in Athens!  To explain, Daddy and Mummy had met them earlier in the year elsewhere and he had given them my business card and they had looked at my blog and remembered me!

Hamish and Cameron have now got a couple of rabbits called Cino and Mac and I find them very strange looking animals with huge ears that stick up and almost no tail at all. On the other hand, I’ve got ears that sort of stick up and I’ve no tail at all either!  Anyway, they were let out in the back garden and I went out to sniff them and apparently frightened them.  Hamish and Cameron’s other Grandparents came to stay with Jennifer and Grandpa Sandy likes dogs but has never ever owned one.  I would go up and sit beside him on the settee and we both had a lovely time sitting in close companionship.

That's Cameron on the left!

That’s Cameron on the left!

I did however ruin my reputation by doing a poo inside the house, for which I was suitably chastised. I didn’t like sleeping on my own downstairs in a room that is not my own room.  I therefore started going upstairs to Hamish’s bedroom and sleeping in his room at the bottom of his bed. Unfortunately I snore so loudly that Hamish couldn’t sleep, so he got out of bed and went into Cameron’s bedroom and slept with him while I slept in Hamish’s room in all my glory.  Hamish was so kind in that he didn’t put me out of his bedroom and push me downstairs to sleep on my own.

Snoozing on my Beanbag

Snoozing on my Beanbag

On Sunday afternoon The Brown family, Alastair, Stacey, Ava, Emmy and of course my real Mummy, Beau came to visit.  I was very excited and we ran about until we were both absolutely exhausted.  They also brought a Christmas present for me which I demolished after they left –  Mmmmm!

Here are two photographs in my favourite bean bag.  One early in the morning before another busy day and one in the evening.  Do you see any difference?





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