Autumn Open Day

Daddy and I went out on Friday and walked all round Inchmarlo to have a quick look at the state of the gardens because it was our Autumn Open Day on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous day and everything was looking fine.  After we finished our tour, I went into the Red Drawing Room and spent some time with Karen, speaking to my friends and chased around, said hello to so many people, that when Daddy came in to collect me to take me home, I was lying flat out on the carpet, snoring.

The previous week it had poured with rain most days, but on Sunday the sun was shining and everything was absolutely stunningly beautiful.  So once more, after lunch Daddy, Mummy and I walked all round Inchmarlo and spoke to some of the visitors and the Home Owners, who were going around the gardens with their friends and family.  Jim, the Head Gardener, had lain loads of chuckies on the paths in the Woodland Garden, which was good because, without them they might have been too slippery with all the rain.

The Scotland’s Garden scheme organisers have asked Daddy to put some of the Autumnal photographs on their website, so he took a lot of photographs of the colours in the trees and of the huge copper beech in the Woodland Garden, all looking gorgeous in the afternoon sun.  

I was fascinated to hear a Home Owner say that a relation in Australia read my blog all the time and enjoyed it very much.  See, I’m now known in Australia; isn’t that nice!

At lunch, two new recipes were being tried out, including a Baked Plum Pudding  by Gary Rhodes, which I don’t think I would have liked since plums would be far too sour for me,  and an Oatmeal Fried Salmon with Lemon Butter and Whisky Dressing, again by Gary Rhodes. This was a new dish, and was in addition to the Roast Beef on the menu.  Mummy and Daddy enjoyed the meal and they took a slice of roast beef and a piece of the salmon out for me.  I ate both and thought they were delicious.  All in all, a gorgeous weekend.

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