On Wednesday Daddy held the 40th Food Tasting Dinner at Inchmarlo where Home Owners and guests sampled recipes from some of the world’s leading chefs. 

The menu on this occasion was

Bombay Chicken Soup

Philadelphia Museum of Art Cookbook

* * * * *

Leek Cannelloni

served with Lemon Thyme and Provolone Piccante

Rick Stein

* * * * *

Supreme of Guinea Fowl Scented with Cinnamon

braised in Grapefruit-Cucumber Milk and Darjeeling Tea

served with Couscous and Hazelnut Oil

Pierre Gagnaire

* * * * * 

Walnut Tart

Rick Stein 

Rhubarb Fool

served with its own Crisps

Gary Rhodes

Since I am not allowed in the Dining Room, Daddy arranged for the Kitchen to have a special lunch the next day and Colin prepared some Guinea Fowl for me.  The table was set up on the lawn and he came and served it.  My goodness it was so good.

Soooo Good!

Soooo Good!

I had a choice of the two desserts served, Rick Stein’s Walnut Tart or Gary Rhodes’ Rhubarb Fool.  I did not fancy the rhubarb and Daddy didn’t think the walnuts would be good for me so I finished off with some ice cream, which was lovely.

I love ice-cream

I love ice-cream

Pierre Gagnaire has 12 Michelin Stars and Gary Rhodes has 2 Michelin Stars.

All I can say is, lucky Residents in the Care Home and Home Owners in the Retirement Village who go and eat regularly in the Green Drawing Room and Bar.

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