A Day at the Beach

What a wonderful day it was on Saturday!  Mummy and Daddy knew that I wanted to go to the beach, so we parked the car and walked all the way along to Fittie. Because the tide was in we walked on the promenade. I had a super time!

Lots of dogs and young children came up and looked at me and laughed, and I smiled back and then, as we got towards Fittie, there was a cry of “Oh there’s Humphrey”.  I looked up and there was a Newfoundland that I had spoken to some weeks before with his family, and they were shouting my name.  I went up and spoke to them all.  Oh it’s nice to be recognised!

After the walk back, we walked as usual, to The Sand Dollar and we sat outside while Mummy had a cappuccino and Daddy shared his ice-cream with me. Oh it was gorgeous!

Sitting at an adjacent table was a gentleman from Turriff with a young lady who is a guidance teacher at Northfield Academy in Aberdeen.  His miniature Schnauzer was sitting on his knee and we looked at each other a few times before we all entered into conversation.  The young lady said how handsome I was and Daddy gave her one of my business cards and said that if the pupils did work on computers they might find my blog interesting.

On the way back to the car a young child had dropped an ice-cream on the pavement which had hardly been touched so I started licking it.  Daddy put his foot against it so that it wouldn’t slide all the way across the pavement so I had another full ice-cream.  Oh yummy, yummy!

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One Response to A Day at the Beach

  1. Hi there Humphrey,
    Some of our First year pupils have been looking at your blog and have been enjoying the stories and pictures. It was lovely meeting you and your mummy and daddy. Rudi and I were at the beach today for a walk, but it was not as nice a day as when we met you, so Rudi the schnauzer didn’t have his usual raspberry ripple ice-cream. Here’s to next spring!

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