Music in the Garden

Well, what with me being in a play last week and at a musical concert this week I’m becoming quite an intellectual Bulldog!  Daddy’s company awarded the Skene Aberdeen Festival Award to the most outstanding Young Musician at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival for 24 years, so we have had a long association with the festival.  For the last 10 or more years a group has come out to Inchmarlo to entertain the residents in the Care Home and Home Owners on the Estate.  With my new interest in culture I had to go out and listen to the music in the marquee.

The entertainers were a jazz band from Blackburn with Darwin Borough Council in Lancashire and I was there early to supervise everything being set up.  Tables and chairs were in the main dining room, some tables and chairs were in the marquee and chairs were also outside.  Normally, if it is a nice day, people sit outside and the side walls of the marquee are lifted up so that the music comes out on to the lawn.  Unfortunately just as they were about to play spots of rain fell so all the chairs were moved; but since I’m a brave young man I stayed outside and listened to the music and it was very good.

Here I am enjoying the lovely music

Daddy very briefly introduced the musicians and they played for over an hour with one of their team actually singing some songs made popular by Michael Buble.  Now, the reason I know that is because, when I was a very, very, small puppy Mummy and Daddy used to go out and they used to leave the radio on, so I heard all the latest songs.   Their lady singer was very good.  Some of the jazz pieces were, I think, popular before my great-great grandfather’s time, but my goodness they were exciting.

After the music had finished all the entertainers went into the Green Drawing Room and they had cakes and strawberry tarts and something to drink before they went back to Aberdeen in their bus.


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