On Holiday

Well I have been on my holidays again.  I was out staying with Mandy at Kingswells and during my period there she had lots of other dogs coming in to stay for a few days.   I was always busy sniffing all over my new friends.  There was Jake, a golden Labrador, even bigger than I am, Milo, who was a black Dachshund cross and just as I was about to leave Otis came in for 2 days.

Making New Friends

Posing for a holiday snap!

There was also an American flat nosed spaniel called Spankie.  He was lovely.  They were all very friendly and when Mandy gave Daddy a report on my behaviour she said I was very good but whenever a new dog arrived I was so excited I overwhelmed them somewhat.

In for a short time was a 16 week old Cockappoo called Zac who was minute and Mandy thought that I was such a strong he-man that if I had even lifted up my paw to put on top of Zac’s head I might have done irreparable damage. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to mix with him but I can assure you I would have been very protective – after I had sniffed him all over of course.

Mandy did tell Daddy that whenever another dog came with its own bed I immediately slept in that bed.  A couple of my new friends when seeing me in their bed stood and barked and barked and barked but I was so comfortable and it was such a change I didn’t move.  They could always sleep in my bed – why not!

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