My New Friends Hector and Harriet

Oh I was so disappointed.  On Saturday morning daddy was driving along Whitehall Place and saw a lady with two Bulldogs, so he stopped the car and went to speak to her and her name was Anne and the important people she had with her were called Hector and Harriet.  Hector was 2½ years old and Harriet was younger and daddy told Anne all about me and the fact that in the Press & Journal of that day, i.e. the 23 June was a whole page on the 25th Anniversary of Inchmarlo and she could see my photograph since I’m bang in the middle of the group of long serving employees.  Daddy very kindly took photographs of the 3 of them and then close-ups of Hector and Harriet and showed them to me.  Isn’t Hector the Clark Gable of Bulldogs – so handsome, so virile, so masculine and with an absolutely commanding presence.

Harriet on the other hand, could best be described as the Vivienne Leigh of Bulldogs, so petite and attractive and awfully sexy looking.  For those of my readers who don’t know what I’m speaking about, I’m speaking about probably the greatest film ever made, David O’Selsnick’s “Gone With The Wind”, where Clark Gable played Rhett Butler and Vivienne Leigh played Scarlett O’Hara.  I think I can safely say that Hector and Harriet are my Rhett and Scarlett – oh how I wished we could have all looked and sniffed each other.

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