I Love to Play

Charlie and Oscar have been up staying with us and my goodness was I kept busy.  Running up and down stairs all the time, supervising Oscar getting his bath and I must say that Oscar was very well behaved.

Bath Time

My Mummy had bought Charlie an enormous teddy bear and of course I had to go and smell it and I saw his nose is much, much bigger than mine.

That’s a Big Nose!

Charlie likes dressing up in his Roman Centurian outfit with his plastic breastplate and waving his sword about.  I personally don’t like it because when he bashes his sword onto the furniture it makes a noise and makes me jump.

You May Pass

However as I told you before one of my great joys in the evening when Daddy comes home is to play tug-o-war with him.  Mummy bought me a set of three rubber rings which I love playing with and I chewed it so hard I chewed right through the rubber and unfortunately swallowed some of it.  I go up to Daddy two or three times a night when he is reading his reports or reading the paper and nudge him and nudge him and nudge him until such time as he plays with me.  Charlie also loves to play tug-o-war with me and for such a small boy he is very strong.

My Favourite Game – Tug-o-War

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