Queens Diamond Jubilee Garden Competiotion Winners

Queens Diamond Jubilee Garden Competition WinnersThe Judges decided the winners of the Garden Competition was Keig Primary School. The teacher, two classroom helpers and children came to Inchmarlo on Friday 25 May.

Daddy and I went out to hand over the cheque for £500 and by the time we arrived there all the children had arrived and were playing in front of the main house.

Inchmarlo House in the Sunshine

As soon as I saw them all I rushed across to do my duty by greeting them, as soon as they saw me they rushed towards me and we had a super time. As I was on my long lead I intermingled with them thus tying some of them up in knots.

Having fun with the children

Tied up in knots!

Then Julie, Assistant Matron, came out and sort of got me and them in order and we got quite a nice photograph.

Group photo

After that the photographer from the Press & Journal got us organised in a group and Daddy handed the cheque over to the teacher with the pupils holding up a photograph of their winning garden scheme.

Getting ready for the big photo

Well done to the winners, Keig School, Alford.


By the way that’s me in the middle of the front row.

Then all the boys and girls went and had drinks and cakes served by Margaret and I could tell they had a super time.

Enjoying a well earned treat

More Home Bakes!

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Before we left 2 of the Judges, Lesley and Donna came over and were introduced to me.  They are both dog owners and dog lovers so of course they enjoyed meeting me.

Daddy collected the winning entry from the Press and Journal and naturally I had to give it a close inspection.

This one has my approval

The Winning Design

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