Gourmet Lunch

Daddy and Mummy decided to have lunch outside in the gorgeous sunshine partly because they wanted to reward me for all my hard work and they did not want to leave me in the car on such a hot day.  After they had finished their lunch Head Chef, Colin came out with a special lunch for me.  I had on my napkin round my neck so that I wouldn’t drop food on myself and he brought out a selection of the food that was being served in the restaurant for the Residents and for the Home Owners eating in the Bar. 

The menu consisted of Loin of Pork and Apple Sauce and Poulet Saute Espagnole by Auguste Escoffier.  Now I must confess my ignorance as I had never heard of Auguste Escoffier. He was the most famous Chef in the world for many years and latterly was Chef de Cuisine at the Savoy Hotel and then The Ritz in Piccadilly when Cesar Ritz, “Hotelier of Kings and King of Hoteliers”, opened his own hotel.  So out Colin came with a meal for me and all I can say is lucky residents.

Silver Service from Colin


Both courses were lovely and it was the first time I had had tomato sauce with chicken and my goodness was it tasty!

Since it was so hot Colin decided I should also have a cold desert so he went back in and took out two scoops of lovely ice-cream.

Something to cool me down

Truly Scrumptious!

Lunch was absolutely scrumptious.

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