Crathes Vintage Car Rally

Well as my readers will know, every year the Crathes Car Rally comes to Inchmarlo. Residents from the Care Home and Home Owners within the Retirement Community Village come and look at the cars and so many remember the cars that they owned many years before. It was an absolutely fantastic day, way over 70˚ and Residents were sitting outside having cold drinks.

The Busy Main Drive

Some of the Vintage Cars

Little Red Sporty Number!

Mummy and I went round and spoke to many of them.  There were lots of young children there so I went and spoke to them or they came up and spoke to me. It was terribly hot and I was “peching” quite a lot. 

One of the most stunning cars is an old Bentley – I remembered looking at it last year – so I went back and had another look again.

The Stunning Vintage Bentley

There was also a very small cute red Morgan car but by the time I went down to look at it I was so hot and breathing so heavily that I was just exhausted.

My Favourite – The Morgan

There were also lots of Home Owners there who knew me and they would say, “Oh there’s Humphrey” and I would go and speak to them.

Saying Hello To My Friends

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