Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Garden Competition

Wednesday was a very interesting day for me.  Daddy had, in conjunction with the Press and Journal, arranged for a garden design competition at Inchmarlo to recognise the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  In the grounds at Inchmarlo there is a plaque beside a tree in the Little Walk area which reads –

“The Coronation Party Committee”

(An image of a Crown)


Planted to commemorate the coronation of King George VI

Daddy thought it would be an interesting idea to have another “Garden” to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee and he spoke to the Press and Journal who were enthusiastic about the idea.  This was a competition for Primary and Secondary school children with prize of £500 for the winning entry.  There were over 90 entries and on Wednesday morning Daddy, Jennifer and I went out to Inchmarlo and Jennifer together with Jim McColl, Gardening Writer in the Press and Journal, Jim Wilkie, Inchmarlo Head Gardener, Susie Smith, Director and General Manager, Jennifer Lindsay and Donna and Lesley from the Press and Journal did the judging.

Judging the fantastic entries

The winning entry

It was a tremendously hot day and I was not allowed in because lunch was being served in the Green Drawing Room and as you know I am not allowed to go in when food is being served.  I was very unhappy about this because I was sitting in the back of the car with a bowl of cold water and my dog food while they are tucking in to Lentil Soup from Harry’s Bar in Venice, 2 different quiches from 3 star Michelin chef, Paul Bocuse in Lyon and a chocolate cake by Marco Pierre White and Bakewell Tart by Gordon Ramsay.  It’s just not fair!

Daddy came out to check on me and saw that I was absolutely cooked in the back of the car despite the fact the windows were open so he got one of the care assistants to take me out and give me a walk.  Then Daddy came out to move the car and had great difficulty in finding a spot that would not be affected by the brilliant sunshine.  Eventually he parked the car behind the kitchen and Head Chef, Colin came out and gave me personal service.  The personal service was checking that I had enough cold water and giving me small bits to eat which was very nice.  When he and the kitchen staff were having a break outside he took me out and I sat them in the sunshine and they petted and spoke to me. 

Daddy also took me a walk around Pinefield and the Courtyard where he spoke to two Home Owners regarding a problem with a tree which had grown too big and needed replacing.

I have just been told about an email that has come in from Donna at the Press and Journal and the winning school is coming to Inchmarlo on Friday morning at 10.30am to be photographed with their garden design and Daddy has promised to take me out so the pupils can have the tremendous pleasure of meeting me and for me to congratulate them.


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