What a busy boy!

I have been very busy recently but on Friday I went out to Inchmarlo with daddy and Karen took me through to see all my friends in the Red Drawing Room.  He gave Karen my little tin box of treats and my clicker and the way it works at home is, Daddy puts a treat on the floor , makes me sit down and I don’t  actually dash forward and eat it until he clicks the clicker.  Unfortunately, I was so keen to eat the treat that I did not do my usual tricks, for which I apologise to my fans.  But in any case, I spoke to a lot of my friends and had a good time – and I’m sure they did too.

Playing in the Daffodils

This is a day I will long remember because something exciting happened!   

Sunday was our Summer Open Day.

Summer Open Day

  We went out so that I could tour the gardens and go up and introduce myself to some of the 200 plus visitors.  The previous two weeks had been pretty miserable and extremely cold which meant that many of the azaleas and rhododendrons had not yet bloomed.  This was a pity because when the azaleas are out the smell is overpowering for humans. For me with my super sensitive olfactory nose, it is even more potent.   However, the sun shone brightly on Sunday and first of all I sat with Susie at the entrance, supervising the taking of the money from all the people in their cars.

Please Pay Here

 As before, 60% goes to The Scotland’s Garden charities which they designate and the balance of 40% goes to Alzheimer Scotland, which is our chosen charity. 

So after supervising the entrance, Daddy and I walked up through the main garden and spoke to lots of people who were admiring the 40 metre high trees, the azaleas, rhododendrons, the various acers and the relatively new Rainbow Garden.

The Main Drive

Plant Stall

I had a super time and numerous people came up and spoke to me.  There were quite a number of young children there who, after some of them got over their initial concern that I might be too strong for them, came and patted me and Daddy gave them a copy of my business card which always gives a good impression and people laugh when they see it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tea on the Lawn


After my tour was finished, we went over to have a look at the new East Park development.  It’s sometime since I went out to supervise how the building of the 15 houses and apartments was progressing but Bancon are doing very well.  When I sat up on the north bank and had a look down at it, I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the site and how speedily the buildings were being erected.  Congratulations to all at Bancon.

East Park Development

Then we walked down through the main garden again and I supervised visitors having afternoon tea in the beautiful sunshine outside the main Dining Room.

Before I left, I went back into the reception and two of my favourite ladies were sitting there in the reception lounge so I went up and spoke to them.

And what was it you may ask that was so exciting?  Well for the first time I lifted my leg which means that I am now getting to be a grown up young man.  I only did it once, the rest of the time I squatted as usual.  I don’t have a real mummy or a daddy with me and it just shows that certain things are bred into my subconscious. Yes, it was an exciting weekend!

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