Visit to Vet

Oh dear I’ve been shaking my head a lot recently and it’s not to signify I don’t want to go out of the house and go into the car (which I don’t usually want to do) or go for a walk (which I’m not terribly keen on doing either) or I don’t want a treat (which I always want) but it’s because my ear has been giving me problems again.  Daddy was advised by Alistair and Stacey Brown that my real Daddy Warwick also had ear problems so he’s sensitive when I start shaking my head.  So on Saturday afternoon we went back to the vet and once more they looked at my ear and gave me some drops which Mummy and Daddy have been putting into my ear twice a day.  I wish I could say it has stopped me shaking my head but it hasn’t.  Oh dear it’s irritating but I’ve just got to put up with it as stoically as I can. 

Alison checking me over

Alison checking me over

This is me sitting on the top of a high bench with absolutely no fear at all as Alison at Ardene Vets administers to me.

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