At the Beach

On Saturday afternoon we went down to the beach, and it was an absolutely stupendous day.  The tide was out so I asked Mummy and Daddy to take me down to the sands so that I could walk along on the soft sand which was delightful.  They tried to get me to go into the water but I wasn’t having any of that and the minute the North Sea came near my sensitive toes I ran away. 

As we were going back to the car a man and three ladies were walking towards us and suddenly their faces lit up as though they had won the pools or should I say were at the “Carnival” in Rio.  They came up to us and spoke not to Mummy and Daddy but to me.  But of course I’m quite used to that.  They made a tremendous fuss of me and the gentleman, Tadeu Carneiro, his wife, his daughter and another lady were so excited because they had a bulldog called Lambert back in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Daddy and Mummy said that they had been in Sao Paulo on the way to Manaus and what an enormous city it is!  They then spoke about bulldogs and one of the things I heard them saying was, “Bulldogs aren’t the brightest in the world” and Daddy agreed!  I’m not exactly sure whether that’s a compliment or not.

They showed Mummy and Daddy a photograph of their bulldog:  he was all white and my goodness he was much bigger and stockier than me but I cannot, with paw on heart, say he was more handsome than I am.  Anyway, it just shows you again how excited people are when they see me.


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