Busy Day at Inchmarlo

Oh what a busy day!  When Daddy was out earlier in the week he met one of the Home Owners from Queen Victoria Park who asked how I was and said that they hadn’t seen me for some time.  As soon as Daddy told me this, I immediately decided that I should go and visit them.  So the next time we went there Daddy phoned the Home Owner’s to say we were in Banchory and would it be convenient for me to call and they said yes, they would be delighted to see me.  So we went in and they greeted me as everybody does – in a very friendly fashion.  After I had run round them a few times and they’d patted me and said how big I was getting and how handsome I was – you can understand that of course – Daddy told them I liked peanut butter.  So Mrs M immediately went into the kitchen and put peanut butter over some biscuits.  As soon as she opened the jar I could smell it and I got very excited.   I sat down and when Mrs M asked for a paw I gave it to her – I’d have given her a hundred paws if necessary – and she gave me the biscuits.  To be more accurate she gave me the biscuits with the peanut butter on them and I licked all the peanut butter off and didn’t bother with the biscuits.  It was a super enjoyable visit.

Giving Mrs M my Paw

Mmmmmmm peanut butter!!!

Later on we went up to Inchmarlo House and we came across the son of a late resident who was planting a tree in her memory, so naturally I had to supervise.  I’m still too young to lift my legs against trees, but when I am able to do it I am going to have a wonderful time at Inchmarlo with the thousands of trees on the site, especially since some of them are over 40 metres high.  Anyway, here we are with Mr C and the new tree which is a Betula Jacquemontii.

The Betula Jacquemontii Tree

When that was finished Daddy and I went into the House and I spoke to a number of my old friends who were sitting in Reception.  One of the Carers took me through to the Red Drawing Room where they had just finished a Sale and then I was taken up to see one of the Residents in her own room.

What had happened was Mrs M had lived in the House for some years but was no longer able to come downstairs so of course she has not had the privilege of speaking to me.  Daddy spoke to her daughter who confirmed that her mother liked dogs – it’s difficult to believe people wouldn’t like dogs, especially me – and when the daughter said yes, Daddy said I will arrange for Humphrey to go up and greet her.  

So Rachel phoned up and Mrs M said she would like to see me so Tommy took me up to her room.  Unfortunately I couldn’t jump up onto her bed – it’s too high for me and anyway I am such a solid mass of muscle that I am not the most agile of dogs.

 After I had finished that visit then we drove back to Aberdeen.  It was a very interesting and very enjoyable morning – and I did like my peanut butter.

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