New Carpet

Well I’ve got a new carpet!  The back staircase to my own room and bathroom which I have been using since I was knee high to two cans of dog food was covered in lino.  I always found it difficult when I was very small but now that I am almost fully grown another difficulty has incurred.  When I go down the staircase I have to go at an angle otherwise it is too steep and I feel I am going to trip but it is when I come up that I have the greatest difficulty.  For some reason I stop half way up and then decide to make a “lunge” for the top of the stairs.  Unfortunately my claws slip on the lino and I get into an absolute panic before I get to the top.  Daddy says I’m simply frightened but I believe that I’m too sensitive and the noise of my claws skidding on the lino puts me off.

Nearly there!

Daddy and Mummy were very very kind and they arranged for carpet to be laid on the treads so that I now find it much easier to go up without slipping.  Here’s a photograph of me on the staircase and you will see exactly why I’m much happier.  In case you can’t tell I am smiling.

My new carpet

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